Saturday, March 9, 2013

Let Me Introduce My Kids

As I sit here dealing with being sick...again,  I realized I haven't wrote a blog post in a few weeks. Honestly, I've been incredibly boring lately. Between fighting off sicknesses and working I've been quite the homebody. Who am I kidding I'm always a homebody. So then I realized I haven't written a blog post about my two furry kids. 

If you follow me on one of the many social media sites I'm on you have noticed I LOVE my dogs. It's sad when 98% of the photos on your phone and camera are of your dogs. What can I say I love my kids. Yes I'm one of those people who refers to my dogs as my kids. Deal with it. 

Lets start with the oldest and sassiest. Cosmo is my little Shih-tzu/ Maltese mix. He is 9 years old and acts like a grouchy old man. He is the only dog I've owned that talks back. Yes, he barks back if he doesn't like what you tell him to do. If you look up momma's boy in the dictionary you would find his picture. He is indestructible with an iron stomach. He has eaten an entire box of Oreos, a chocolate blizzard, lots of garbage and has never gotten sick. I think he's secretly a cat and has 9 lives.  He thinks he is a model and loves the camera. 
Talking back
Aspiring model

My cuddle bug Bender is almost 8 years old. He is an Irish Jack Russell. We got him shortly after Cosmo turned 1. He was lonely and needed a buddy. Insert Bender the cutest perma-puppy ever. He still has the same puppy face he had when we got him. Bender is the sweetest, most playful dog around. He will literally play ball until he passes out. He is a daddy's boy. Look it up, you'll find his picture. I've never met a dog that loves to cuddle more than Bender. Aside from being cute he is crazy smart. If he wants something he will figure out a way to get it. Cosmo helps a little but Bender is the brains of the operation.  He loves to sun bathe any chance he gets. 

Cuddle w/ Dad
Playing outside

So hopefully you understand why I am so obsessed with these guys. They are seriously the best dogs ever. So I apologize for blowing up Instagram with dog pictures, but just wait until I have a kid. Then you will get baby/dog photos all the time. 

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