Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Year of Change

This year is going to be the year of change in our household. You're probably thinking "Change? Didn't you just move from California to Texas?" Why yes we did. We moved so that we could start making the changes I'm about to talk about. 

So we have decided this is the year we are going to start adding to our family.  You know what that means. Babies! Or baby. Yes we do have two furry kids but I think it's time for some human ones. We've decided that after eight wonderful years together we are ready for some kids. Also I'm not getting any younger, so if we want to do this we better start soon. Oh and that stupid biological clock is ticking very loudly in my ears. I just started my last round of birth control and then I'm going to let nature takes it's course. Let the adventure begin! 

This will be my first purchase 

The big reason we moved to Texas was to buy a house. Right now we are renting a house, which is ok, but we really want to buy a house. We found out how much of a down payment we will need. Let's just say "Ouch". Now we just have to budget. Which is a new word in our house. Part of budgeting is saving money on rent. The house we have right now is way to big for us and a little too much for rent. We have decided to find a smaller and cheaper house to rent until we have our down payment saved up. Also it gives us a chance to live in another part of town for a while. 

So let the fun begin. I love a challenge and these will be the ultimate challenges for sure. 

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