Monday, October 21, 2013

OMG is that a........?!

Once again I am home sick. I can tell you that being sick always sucks especially for me, but being pregnant and sick sucks so bad. Of course I got my usual upper respiratory infection so that's fun. Anyways since I am confined to the couch I figured what better thing to do than write a post. 

 So we had a doctors appointment last week to check on the baby. All is healthy which is always a good thing. We are finally at a point where we had the option to find out the sex. Of course I had to know. I mean I need to know what colors to use in the nursery. Oh and I was getting tired of calling my baby it. So we did the ultrasound and the very first thing we saw was a.....PENIS! That's right we are having a boy and he was not shy about hiding it at all. I still remain the only girl in the house. Which I'm ok with. I always wanted a boy first so that there was a big brother figure. Though a girl would of been cute too. My sister said he will be the cute older brother and also a hipster. Both in which I am ok with. 

Legs in the air showing off his manhood

Anyways we are both very excited! I also like to think the boys are excited. They are very protective of the belly. I like to think they know what's going on. With the bump getting better Cosmo seems to be more and more protective of me and the belly. 

16 weeks

Now I am going to go take my Z-pak and get some sleep. Maybe I'll be adventurous and take a shower.