Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ham, Sweet Potatoes and Finger Tips

So today is Easter. I hope you all had a great day eating, spending time with family or whatever you do. We decided to cook Easter dinner even thought it's just the two of us. We figured it would make enough food to eat all week for dinner. We were so right! We actually have enough food for two weeks. So if your hungry stop by. But really don't. That would be creepy. 

So we decided to make ham, mac and cheese, sweet potato casserole and cabbage. A few years ago we went to Ruth's Chris for Thanksgiving and had the best sweet potato casserole ever. I knew I had to have it. So I found a video of one of the cooks making it. I was so happy. If you haven't had this dish you need to! If you don't like sweets you probably wont like it since it tastes more like a dessert than a side. Here's the video with recipe
Rob made the mac and cheese and started the ham and cabbage. While he was cutting the cabbage I was watching tv when a hear a yell from the kitchen. I run in to see what happened. Well Rob cut off his finger tip and was bleeding everywhere. What a great way to say Happy Easter! It wasn't too bad but bad enough. Luckily we are prepared for things like this. I got him all bandaged up and gave him a pain pill. He's back to playing Minecraft and is now taking a nap. 

I finished up dinner and we began to feast! Even after the finger fiasco everything turned out pretty good. Rob was sad because his mac and cheese was runny but I thought it still was good. 

We still have a ton of ham and sides which is fine with me. That just means I don't have to cook dinner this week. I hope everyone had a great Easter! Next on my agenda is movies and dessert. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Tomboy Chic

If you have been reading my blog you know that I have just recently starting wearing makeup. If you are new here yes I'm 27 and I just started wearing makeup. Don't judge. Anyways I thought I would give you a little update on how good I'm getting at this stuff. I have starting calling it "instant sleep". Why? Because no matter how long I sleep I look like I didn't sleep at all. Once I put on my "instant sleep" I look well rested.  So here is a before and after of me today. 


after makeup
Not too shabby eh?! 

So a few weeks ago I had a co-worker tell me I was the girliest person she knew. This was based on my knowledge of make up and hair styling tips (to which I thank the internet). I then explained to her that this was farthest from the truth. I went on to tell her how until middle school I was pretty much a boy. Today I feel I have progressed to womanhood but am still a tomboy. I have decided, starting today, that my look is called Tomboy Chic. You could also call me Geek Chic, I wouldn't disagree with you. I hate wearing heals and own 1 pair. I am starting to like dresses but still don't LOVE them. Jeans, t-shirt and flats are my "going out clothes". Any other day you will find me in workout clothes or yoga pants. On a side note, my trainer and friend have made me President of the Yoga Pants club at the gym. Yeah be jealous. So are  you asking yourself "Holli, what does Tomboy Chic look like?" Well here is an excellent example....

I guess I love flannel

The look on the right. 

Maybe we can make Tomboy Chic a thing. I didn't even Google it to see if it existed. Knowing my luck it does. What do you categorize your look as? Maybe we can start a new trend. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Suburban Life

Today was the first day that I realized I'm officially domesticated. I spent my entire Saturday working on my yard. I know, I was shocked too. I was wondering what happened to city living Holli. I now live in the 'burbs and it's starting to rub off on me. What's next? Will I stop liking dive bars and trendy restaurants? Will I start listening to country music? Not that country music is bad but if you know me you will understand. The day I start listening to country music is the day you should be worried. 

Anyways Rob and I worked for hours working on our front yard.  Ever since we moved here it has looked terrible. We originally pulled all the old plants and weeds. It looked better but not good enough. 

Look past the Halloween decorations to the jungle behind it. 

We decided since it was going to be in the 80's all weekend it would be the perfect time to tackle the yard. We bought new bushes and mulch and got to work. First we had to dig up all the dirt and weeds and get rid of it all. Then we put weed killer down and planted ourf new bushes. We decided on Holly bushes because they looked nice. Also Rob has a thing for Holli's. We also got some Lavender plants to add some color. After a few hours we were finally finished. I must say I was surprised at how good we did on our first try. Now we just have to wait for our bushes to grow a little. 

After a hard days work we decided we deserved a nice cold margarita. It was delicious. Now time for some more suburban life with movies and yoga pants. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cookies Cure Everything

Finally after being sick since Thursday I'm feeling better. I actually got off of the couch, took a shower and put on a bra. I slept more in the last few days than I probably have all month. Anyways, since I'm feeling better I wanted to bake something for my husband. He took care of me all weekend and cleaned the house. If you are married you know when he cleans the house he's a keeper. I also wanted some cookies myself. So I decided to make his favorite cookies. 

Now I can't take any credit for this recipe. I got it from the Alton Brown Good Eats cook book. You can also find it here

These are one of the best chocolate chip cookie recipes I've made. They are also really easy to make. When I made them I accidentally used the scoop I use to make cupcakes. So half way through baking them I realized we would be eating monster cookies. I'm not complaining! The bigger the cookie the better. 
They look normal sized here

I've made these a ton of times. The first time I made them I thought I burnt them. I quickly realized that they just come out a little darker. This is probably because you use brown sugar along with white sugar. This also makes them super chewy and delicious. 

Giganto cookies

Next time you are craving cookies I highly suggest you give these a try.  Let me know what you think.  I will be enjoying these with a hot cup of tea and The Real Housewives of Atlanta. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Let Me Introduce My Kids

As I sit here dealing with being sick...again,  I realized I haven't wrote a blog post in a few weeks. Honestly, I've been incredibly boring lately. Between fighting off sicknesses and working I've been quite the homebody. Who am I kidding I'm always a homebody. So then I realized I haven't written a blog post about my two furry kids. 

If you follow me on one of the many social media sites I'm on you have noticed I LOVE my dogs. It's sad when 98% of the photos on your phone and camera are of your dogs. What can I say I love my kids. Yes I'm one of those people who refers to my dogs as my kids. Deal with it. 

Lets start with the oldest and sassiest. Cosmo is my little Shih-tzu/ Maltese mix. He is 9 years old and acts like a grouchy old man. He is the only dog I've owned that talks back. Yes, he barks back if he doesn't like what you tell him to do. If you look up momma's boy in the dictionary you would find his picture. He is indestructible with an iron stomach. He has eaten an entire box of Oreos, a chocolate blizzard, lots of garbage and has never gotten sick. I think he's secretly a cat and has 9 lives.  He thinks he is a model and loves the camera. 
Talking back
Aspiring model

My cuddle bug Bender is almost 8 years old. He is an Irish Jack Russell. We got him shortly after Cosmo turned 1. He was lonely and needed a buddy. Insert Bender the cutest perma-puppy ever. He still has the same puppy face he had when we got him. Bender is the sweetest, most playful dog around. He will literally play ball until he passes out. He is a daddy's boy. Look it up, you'll find his picture. I've never met a dog that loves to cuddle more than Bender. Aside from being cute he is crazy smart. If he wants something he will figure out a way to get it. Cosmo helps a little but Bender is the brains of the operation.  He loves to sun bathe any chance he gets. 

Cuddle w/ Dad
Playing outside

So hopefully you understand why I am so obsessed with these guys. They are seriously the best dogs ever. So I apologize for blowing up Instagram with dog pictures, but just wait until I have a kid. Then you will get baby/dog photos all the time.