Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Dirty Little Secret

Hi. My name is Holli and I don't wash my hair. Yes, you read that right. I'm not talking about the no-poo fad or dry shampoo fad. I literally don't wash my hair. I mean I do wash it but only once a week. I've had some people look at me like I'm disgusting. I mean I still shower everyday so I'm not that dirty. I get compliments on my hair all of the time. Obviously I'm doing something right. 

Healthy hair
Let's start at the beginning. My no washing journey began while I was dying my hair blonde. That's right people I was a blonde just a few years ago. Well if you know anything it's when you take dark brown hair to blonde your hair can get angry. Well mine became very dry. My hair dresser suggested I try washing my hair less. I started by going every other day and well it seemed to work a little. So I decided to keep skipping days until i could't take the dirtiness anymore. Well I am now down to washing my hair once a week and my hair has never looked better. It's so healthy and shiny. My hair dresser praises my no wash lifestyle and says she wishes she had my hair. 

My blonde days

So you may be wondering how do you get away with greasy hair for a week? You get creative. I usually can wear it down for two days then it's off to the pony tail. I always tell my friends you can tell how dirty my hair is by where my pony tail is. If it's a low pony tail then it's probably 2-3 days dirty. If its in a top knot or a bun on top of my head then it's probably pretty dirty. I can usually pull that off for a few more days. Another trick to hide greasy hair is the front braid. It's one of my favorites and no one knows my hair is greasy. 

The Front Braid

The Dirty Messy Bun
 I like to tell myself that this not washing my hair thing is preparing me for motherhood. In all honesty I'm just really lazy and enjoy not washing my hair. It makes washing my hair even better. It feels so soft. So next time you wonder if you can get away with one more day of not washing think of me. Of course you can!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Oh Hey Third Trimester!

That's right people! A few months left and I'll be a mom. Talk about reality setting in. I officially stopped working and am now a housewife. Maybe I should call Bravo and see if they are thinking of filming in Austin. Who am I kidding I'm too awesome for that show. It feels pretty weird not waking up and going to work everyday. It also feels pretty amazing. I have so much time to get all of the housework done before I can't bend over anymore. Oh and I should probably finish that thing called a nursery before this kid makes his appearance.

28 weeks

I have a new obsession. It's called The Doctors. I'm sure you have heard of this show and for some reason I can't get enough. This week I learned you can be born without a vaginal canal and cannot have sex or babies, there is a rapping vegan and a lady that got super glued to a toilet and had to call 911. I mean if that's not quality t.v. then I don't know what is. 

I had my glucose test this week and well I failed. Actually, I didn't fail but I didn't pass with flying colors. My levels were boarder line so I have to do the wonderful three hour test. All I can say is FML....I have a hard time with getting my blood drawn due to my tiny baby veins. Now I have to have my blood drawn four times within three hours. So yeah FML. Oh and did I mention I can't eat after midnight or breakfast the next day.  That's like torture to a pregnant lady. Wish me luck! I better pass or else!

On a side note I'm watching Parks and Rec. Let me just say I see a little bit of myself in pregnant Anne. It's pretty comical to see her doing everything I do or have done. Rob finds it hilarious. He just looks at me and laughs. 

While putting away baby clothes I found the cutest outfit ever. I thought I would leave you with this little gem. I can thank my stylish sister for this one.