Saturday, October 27, 2012

My New Obsession

So if you haven't figured out by now I wasn't the girliest girl growing up. Actually I was a straight up tomboy. I finally grew out of that phase around middle school. Up until then I loved to wear boys clothes and wasn't really interested in girl stuff. Of course one of the things you do as a young girl is get your ears pierced. Well I didn't do this until I was about 10. As I got older I got more holes in my ears. Well I grew out of that stage and now I'm down to one in each ear. Anyways you are probably wondering where this is going. You say "Holli I don't care about your boy phase". Well too bad this is a blog about GROWING up awesome. 

So as of lately I have been obsessed with these super cute stud earrings. In the last few months I have bought about 9 pairs of them. I have a slight addiction to Etsy. If you have never heard of Esty I suggest you stop spending so much time outside and start spending more time on this site. I could literally spends hours looking at stuff and spending money that I should be saving. So back to the earrings. I have found two awesome shops that sell these earrings and I thought why not share them with you guys. 

So the first shop is called Botny. This lady does awesome work. All of the earrings are hand drawn and then coated with a resin. There are a ton of colors and designs. 
These happen to be one of my favorite colors.  I find myself wearing these even if they don't match my outfit. The great thing about these is that there are so many colors that you could wear a different pair with every outfit you have. If you want to check out her shop go here

My other favorite shop is called EarSugar. This lady also does awesome work. She hand forms her earrings out of a polymer clay and then finishes them with resin. 

This just happens to be my favorite pair that I got. She has lots of colors and designs. I just recently purchased 3 pairs and can't get enough of them. If you want to check out the store go here

The other awesome thing about both shops is that they are reasonably priced. So go check out these stores on Etsy and spend your whole paycheck on earrings. Well maybe not your whole paycheck. I mean you do have to be a responsible adult and pay your bills. So maybe just half of it. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Why I'm Addicted to Technology

So I was watching Parks & Rec last week and it was the episode where Tom hits a fire hydrant while tweeting. His punishment is to go a week without screens. Ron takes him to the wilderness and tells Tom to just say what he would say through text, tweets ect... So Tom starts by saying that he wakes up and checks Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. After he checks those he gets on Reddit. When hearing this I thought O.M.G. I do the exact same thing. Do I have a problem? The answer is probably. Actually it's yes, who am I kidding. I mean really who lays in bed and looks at Instagram and Twitter at 5:30 in the morning. This girl. Not only that but when I am at home I am usually spending endless hours reading Reddit or Ohnotheydidn't. If you want to actually have a life away from your computer DO NOT visit Reddit. It is like crack. Everything you could ever think of is discussed here and posted. It's the best/worst thing that has ever come into my life. 

So then this got me to thinking what else has a screen besides my phone and computer? Oh my lovely television, how could I live without you? The answer is I can't. I have way too much time invested into some really good shows. For example Dexter, Breaking Bad and Homeland are all good shows I can't bare to part with. Sadly AMC is ending my relationship with Breaking Bad for me. Oh and if you haven't watched Homeland you better start. That show is straight up crazy! Who am I kidding I also watch shows like The Real Housewives, which I'm pretty sure just kills brain cells. I know this all makes me sound like I have no life but really I do. I go to work, the gym and the grocery store. I have friends that I go out with. Oh and I have my wonderful husband who takes me out on nice dates. I live in Austin so there is a festival every weekend and I usually hit up the good ones. So I am not a complete shut in I just enjoy being a homebody most of the time. 

I think back to the days when there weren't cell phones attached to our palms and the internet took up your phone line. I can say I remember the original dub-step song it was called the AOL dial-up. You remember the song. Waaaaaaaaweeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...... That was my jam! 

Am I the only one with this problem?Of course not. I know people much worse off than I am. I can go without t.v. and internet. I have done it before, I just don't like to.

What is the one piece of technology or social media you can't live without?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Inappropriate Conversations and Auto-correct

So we all have that friend that we can talk about anything to. I mean ANYTHING. I have a few but my favorite has to be Katie. We talk almost everyday and usually at one point it gets inappropriate. We talk about things like her kid's poops, farts that almost knock you out and your uterus falling out of your vagina. Yes these are normal things for us to talk about. We do have normal conversations too but the gross ones are my favorites. 

So the other day I was being lazy and watching The Doctors. It was some episode about how normal activities can harm you or something like that. I was intrigued. So they talked about things like brushing your teeth with a hard bristle toothbrush will ruin your mouth. I could of told you that, it's not rocket science. So the next thing that talked about was your uterus falling out of your vagina. They told a story about a lady who coughed so hard her uterus fell our of her vagina. Talk about scary. I mean she was older and probably popped out a few kids. It's still scary though. So of course right after hearing this I had to tell Katie. Just to let you know we were texting this conversation. I proceeded to tell her that now every time I cough I was going to squeeze my vag muscles. However, auto-correct had something else in mind. Instead of sending out vag it changed it to cat. So what was sent was "now every time I have a cough attack I'm going to squeeze my cat muscles". To which Katie about laughed so hard she about peed her pants. I then replied that if my uterus did fall out of my cat(which is the new name for my vag) that I would love to see the doctor's reaction to me saying it just like that. To which she said "I hope it happens just for your blog's sake". So I decided why hold this gem of a conversation all to myself. Sometimes auto-correct can go horribly wrong but in this case it was comedic gold.  So I hope this taught you a good lesson. When you have a cough attack beware! Oh yeah, also check your texts before you send them. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scary Movies and Stupid Costumes

When people ask me "What is your favorite holiday?" I always say Halloween. After I answer I usually get a weird response. Ever since I was little I loved to dress up as something for Halloween. I don't remember ever dressing like a princess or barbie. I was usually a vampire or zombie. As I get older I've gotten more creative with my costumes. Yes I am 26 and still dress up. I have been a homeless person, a zombie killer(Zoey from Left4Dead), and a zombie prom date. I feel like if I'm going to make an effort to actually get dressed up it might as well be entertaining. I've never been a fan of the sexy Halloween costumes. Unfortunately there is some unwritten rule that once a girl turns 16 they must dress like a prostitute for Halloween. Take a look at Facebook October 31st and count how many of your friends dress like sexy________. Tally it up and report back to me. I bet you that 85% of your girlfriends make the list. I figure if you're going to dress as something sexy you should pick something in real life that looks like a whore. Like a whore costume. You can't dress up like sexy Bert or Ernie because they are not sexy in real life. Yes there is a sexy Bert/Ernie costume, google it.  I'm sure that guy looking at you dressed like that isn't thinking man I can wait to bang Bert and/or Ernie. There are better ways to get a guys attention on Halloween. Dress up as a video game character or comic book character. I know that's what gets my husband's attention. My little sister is now that 16 year old and I hope she does not follow the trend of the other girls in her school. I swear if she wears one skanky costume before shes 21 I will fly home and lock her in her room. Just remember that DJ Sexy Jerk!

Our Left4Dead costumes

My other favorite thing about Halloween is the continuous play of horror movies. My favorite kind of movie. When I was little I would watch horror movies with my dad. Yes my dad was such a great parent that he let his 4 year old watch Nightmare on Elm Street. That was one thing we bonded over. The more demented the movie is the more we have to talk about. I like the classic movies like The Exorcist and Halloween. My all time favorite Halloween movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. I know it's a kid movie but I love it. I could watch that movie everyday. I could actually have a Tim Burton marathon with that movie, Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice. 

So while you people are trying to think of the next sexy/unsexy thing to be I will be figuring out what to dress up as to creep the kids out in my neighborhood. 

What are you going to be for Halloween?
 What's your favorite scary movie?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Growing Up Artsy

So as I have said before I was an artist. Well I still am I just don't make much money doing it. Anyways ever since I was little I was into art. I was an only child for 10 years so I had to keep myself entertained somehow. I mean you can only have your best friend sleep over so many nights in a row before her parents want her back. I always had crayons, coloring books and paint all over the place. I wasn't really into the normal girly toys when I was little. For Christmas I always wanted art kits and drawing supplies, unlike my cousin and friends who wanted Barbie and Skipper. Even as an adult I love getting art supplies. I think about 4 or 5 years ago my wonderful husband got me an easel for my birthday. I now use that thing once a week sometimes more If I'm feeling frisky (a.k.a. artsy) 
I began taking painting classes when I was about 7 or 8. My mom still has those awful paintings in her house. Time to upgrade to the modern era. My junior year in college (I was a fine arts major) I took a painting course and loved it. Ever since then I just can't stop. My style has changed over the year. I went from painting flowers and landscapes to painting things like Jimi Hendrix and zombies. Here's my Jimi Hendrix

So when I moved to San Diego I was surprised that people actually liked my artwork. My friends like my art so much they were willing to pay for it. I was amazed at how much some were willing to pay. Not that I would rip off my friends but wow. Now I understand how artist can sell a painting of a line for thousands of dollars. So once I had a pretty good following I decided if they like it so much I wonder how other people would like it. I decided to open an etsy store. It's a new thing but I want to see how it goes. My good friend Angi, who also loves to buy my art, does an awesome job of promoting my store. She said why don't you blog about it.  She's a genius what can I say! So here I am telling you about how awesome my art is. You all should check out my store. Right now I just have a few pieces up but I do custom work as well. Let's see how much action I can get. Not that kind of action you pervs. Check out my awesome store here and give me some feedback. What do you think? Or you could just buy something and have your friends admire it for hours over a nice Chardonnay. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Secret to a Happy Marriage

Food! I mean of course there is the love thing but that's pretty much a given. I remember asking my husband "what you would do if I couldn't cook?" His answer... we wouldn't be together today. So there you have it ladies! It is true that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. When he asked me the same question of course I gave him the same answer. It's not the 50's and I don't do all the cooking. So this morning I decided to be the good wife that I am and cook breakfast. Usually on the weekends I don't want to cook breakfast but this new housewife thing must be rubbing off on me. If I start eating bonbons shoot me please! 

 So this morning I thought I would get fancy and make chocolate chip pancakes. Then I remembered we had Andes Mint chips in the fridge. So in my head I thought this could be an awesome idea or it could go terribly wrong and we would be eating at Cracker Barrel. So I put the mint chips in and served them to my husband and (drum roll please) Success!!! They were the bomb diggity (no doubt) So I can't take full credit for the recipe I got it from here I just made a few changes. I tripled the batch and it made about 6 medium sized pancakes. Now before you go crying about it being a vegan website just give it a try. I have made a few of her recipes and didn't tell friends that they are healthy or vegan until after they ate it. No one could tell or if they could they were too nice to tell me. 

So now I am in this baking mood and turn into this bake-a-holic. I had three nasty looking bananas. All black on the outside but still delicious goodness on the inside. So for you people out there that know what nasty bananas are good for keep your mouths shut! Just kidding of course you were going to say banana bread. If you were thinking something else well sorry you were wrong. In the past I have made this delicious chocolate chip banana bread pictured below

And yes I am addicted to Instagram so get use to it! Anyway this bread is AMAZING! My husband's co-workers can't get enough of it. So I've decided to make it with my nasty looking bananas but this time instead of chocolate chips I used the mini Reece's Peanut Butter cups. And let me just say Yummm! So the picture I have isn't that great. Not even Instagram can save it. All the peanut butter cups went to the bottom so next time I think I will put them on top and let them sink as it bakes. I got this recipe off of the Hershy's website I split the batter between two small bread pans so I can give some away. If not I would sit my fat ass down on the couch and eat it all. Don't think I could....dare me. 

Well I hope you wonderful people have a great weekend. I will be eating my way up a jean size and then regreting Monday at the gym.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Why I Cannot Be a Stay at Home Wife

So it's been a whole three days since my last day working as an orthodontic assistant. Let me just say day time television is horrible! Between the constant reruns of The Real Housewives of every city in America and Jersey Shore I feel as if I am getting dumber by the minute. 


I don't understand how women without children can be stay at home wives and enjoy it. Once I have children of course my opinion will change. I will have   probably more work than I can handle. In the last few days I have found myself cleaning an already clean house and taking unnecessary naps. I have been watching too much mindless t.v and spending an unhealthy amount of time on the internet. I do go to the gym but me and the husband tend to do that together. 

So what to do to keep busy? Well next week I will be temping in a few offices and hopefully that will pick up. In the meantime I have decided to apply at Bath and Body Works. I just read that seasonal workers can get up to 50% off merchandise. Yes 50%!! Can you imagine how much money could be saved or on the other hand how much crap I could get!? I'm hoping they will look pass the fact that I am a little over qualified for the job and see what an awesome person I am. In all reality though I just want that discount! I also decided Starbucks might be fun just for the free coffee. I've never really had a fun part-time job. Don't get me wrong being in people mouths all day is fun and interesting, but until that end picks up why not have a little fun. Oh an did I forget to mention THE DISCOUNT! Anyways we will see what happens. Until then I will be watching The Craft (guilty pleasure) and many more movies on Netflix.

Let Me Take a Minute to Introduce Myself

My name is Humpty. Just kidding! You all know that's what you were singing in your head. My name is Holli and I am pretty awesome. Well maybe not awesome but pretty dang close. I grew up in Indiana, then moved to San Diego, and now I live in a suburb of Austin. I am an artist turned dental assistant. Yes you read that right. I am a wife and a lovely mother to two cute but slightly stupid dogs. 

Bender the trouble maker.
Cosmo the model

I love cooking and baking,  I will most liking be posting my food porn photos from time to time. I have a slight obsession with celebrity gossip blogs and this site called reddit. I could watch John Hughes movies all day. I could also eat ice cream and hamburgers everyday. What can I say I'm a Midwestern girl.