Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scary Movies and Stupid Costumes

When people ask me "What is your favorite holiday?" I always say Halloween. After I answer I usually get a weird response. Ever since I was little I loved to dress up as something for Halloween. I don't remember ever dressing like a princess or barbie. I was usually a vampire or zombie. As I get older I've gotten more creative with my costumes. Yes I am 26 and still dress up. I have been a homeless person, a zombie killer(Zoey from Left4Dead), and a zombie prom date. I feel like if I'm going to make an effort to actually get dressed up it might as well be entertaining. I've never been a fan of the sexy Halloween costumes. Unfortunately there is some unwritten rule that once a girl turns 16 they must dress like a prostitute for Halloween. Take a look at Facebook October 31st and count how many of your friends dress like sexy________. Tally it up and report back to me. I bet you that 85% of your girlfriends make the list. I figure if you're going to dress as something sexy you should pick something in real life that looks like a whore. Like a whore costume. You can't dress up like sexy Bert or Ernie because they are not sexy in real life. Yes there is a sexy Bert/Ernie costume, google it.  I'm sure that guy looking at you dressed like that isn't thinking man I can wait to bang Bert and/or Ernie. There are better ways to get a guys attention on Halloween. Dress up as a video game character or comic book character. I know that's what gets my husband's attention. My little sister is now that 16 year old and I hope she does not follow the trend of the other girls in her school. I swear if she wears one skanky costume before shes 21 I will fly home and lock her in her room. Just remember that DJ Sexy Jerk!

Our Left4Dead costumes

My other favorite thing about Halloween is the continuous play of horror movies. My favorite kind of movie. When I was little I would watch horror movies with my dad. Yes my dad was such a great parent that he let his 4 year old watch Nightmare on Elm Street. That was one thing we bonded over. The more demented the movie is the more we have to talk about. I like the classic movies like The Exorcist and Halloween. My all time favorite Halloween movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. I know it's a kid movie but I love it. I could watch that movie everyday. I could actually have a Tim Burton marathon with that movie, Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice. 

So while you people are trying to think of the next sexy/unsexy thing to be I will be figuring out what to dress up as to creep the kids out in my neighborhood. 

What are you going to be for Halloween?
 What's your favorite scary movie?

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