Friday, October 19, 2012

Inappropriate Conversations and Auto-correct

So we all have that friend that we can talk about anything to. I mean ANYTHING. I have a few but my favorite has to be Katie. We talk almost everyday and usually at one point it gets inappropriate. We talk about things like her kid's poops, farts that almost knock you out and your uterus falling out of your vagina. Yes these are normal things for us to talk about. We do have normal conversations too but the gross ones are my favorites. 

So the other day I was being lazy and watching The Doctors. It was some episode about how normal activities can harm you or something like that. I was intrigued. So they talked about things like brushing your teeth with a hard bristle toothbrush will ruin your mouth. I could of told you that, it's not rocket science. So the next thing that talked about was your uterus falling out of your vagina. They told a story about a lady who coughed so hard her uterus fell our of her vagina. Talk about scary. I mean she was older and probably popped out a few kids. It's still scary though. So of course right after hearing this I had to tell Katie. Just to let you know we were texting this conversation. I proceeded to tell her that now every time I cough I was going to squeeze my vag muscles. However, auto-correct had something else in mind. Instead of sending out vag it changed it to cat. So what was sent was "now every time I have a cough attack I'm going to squeeze my cat muscles". To which Katie about laughed so hard she about peed her pants. I then replied that if my uterus did fall out of my cat(which is the new name for my vag) that I would love to see the doctor's reaction to me saying it just like that. To which she said "I hope it happens just for your blog's sake". So I decided why hold this gem of a conversation all to myself. Sometimes auto-correct can go horribly wrong but in this case it was comedic gold.  So I hope this taught you a good lesson. When you have a cough attack beware! Oh yeah, also check your texts before you send them. 

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