Friday, February 7, 2014

The Things They Don't Tell You.

So this is my pregnancy rant. It might get a little TMI. If you can't handle it then you've come to the wrong place. When I got pregnant people told me about the wonderful things that would happen to me over the months. The only bad things mentioned were morning sickness, sore boobs, tiredness and mood swings. Well let me tell you there is so much more that they don't tell you.

First off, if you like to poop don't get pregnant. No one tells you that. Once you get pregnant your pooping card is revoked. Constipation is now like that wannabe friend that wont leave you alone. You want it to go away but it just keeps lingering around. Not only does it suck but it is so embarrassing. You might as well carry a plunger with you every time you got to the bathroom because I guarantee you will need it. I told you it was TMI. It's not my fault you kept reading. 

Now in my third trimester my pelvic area and hips hurt so bad. Some times I can barely walk. It feels like someone took a baseball bat to my pelvic area. They told me that you would get uncomfortable but come on. Every time I stand up I regret it and want to sit back down. I don't waddle because I'm big, I waddle because I'm in pain or I have to pee. Oh the peeing. Having a child dance on your bladder is no fun. Of course he does it when I have to pee so bad I can barely make it to the toilet. 

The pregnancy glow is not a glow. It's more like an oil slick on my face. It's like my teenage years all over again minus the pizza face. 

Now don't get me wrong I love the fact that I am pregnant and have this little guy kicking me in the ribs. It's an awesome feeling. I know I'm very lucky to experience this since some people cannot. I just needed to get a few things off my chest. I wish someone had given me a heads up. Especially about the pooping. I'm getting to the point where I just want him to be here already. Only eight weeks left! Cannot wait to meet this little trouble maker. 

Thank you for sticking around for my little rant. I feel so much better. Now time to relax before my day long child birth class tomorrow.