Monday, October 15, 2012

Growing Up Artsy

So as I have said before I was an artist. Well I still am I just don't make much money doing it. Anyways ever since I was little I was into art. I was an only child for 10 years so I had to keep myself entertained somehow. I mean you can only have your best friend sleep over so many nights in a row before her parents want her back. I always had crayons, coloring books and paint all over the place. I wasn't really into the normal girly toys when I was little. For Christmas I always wanted art kits and drawing supplies, unlike my cousin and friends who wanted Barbie and Skipper. Even as an adult I love getting art supplies. I think about 4 or 5 years ago my wonderful husband got me an easel for my birthday. I now use that thing once a week sometimes more If I'm feeling frisky (a.k.a. artsy) 
I began taking painting classes when I was about 7 or 8. My mom still has those awful paintings in her house. Time to upgrade to the modern era. My junior year in college (I was a fine arts major) I took a painting course and loved it. Ever since then I just can't stop. My style has changed over the year. I went from painting flowers and landscapes to painting things like Jimi Hendrix and zombies. Here's my Jimi Hendrix

So when I moved to San Diego I was surprised that people actually liked my artwork. My friends like my art so much they were willing to pay for it. I was amazed at how much some were willing to pay. Not that I would rip off my friends but wow. Now I understand how artist can sell a painting of a line for thousands of dollars. So once I had a pretty good following I decided if they like it so much I wonder how other people would like it. I decided to open an etsy store. It's a new thing but I want to see how it goes. My good friend Angi, who also loves to buy my art, does an awesome job of promoting my store. She said why don't you blog about it.  She's a genius what can I say! So here I am telling you about how awesome my art is. You all should check out my store. Right now I just have a few pieces up but I do custom work as well. Let's see how much action I can get. Not that kind of action you pervs. Check out my awesome store here and give me some feedback. What do you think? Or you could just buy something and have your friends admire it for hours over a nice Chardonnay.