Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Secret to a Happy Marriage

Food! I mean of course there is the love thing but that's pretty much a given. I remember asking my husband "what you would do if I couldn't cook?" His answer... we wouldn't be together today. So there you have it ladies! It is true that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. When he asked me the same question of course I gave him the same answer. It's not the 50's and I don't do all the cooking. So this morning I decided to be the good wife that I am and cook breakfast. Usually on the weekends I don't want to cook breakfast but this new housewife thing must be rubbing off on me. If I start eating bonbons shoot me please! 

 So this morning I thought I would get fancy and make chocolate chip pancakes. Then I remembered we had Andes Mint chips in the fridge. So in my head I thought this could be an awesome idea or it could go terribly wrong and we would be eating at Cracker Barrel. So I put the mint chips in and served them to my husband and (drum roll please) Success!!! They were the bomb diggity (no doubt) So I can't take full credit for the recipe I got it from here I just made a few changes. I tripled the batch and it made about 6 medium sized pancakes. Now before you go crying about it being a vegan website just give it a try. I have made a few of her recipes and didn't tell friends that they are healthy or vegan until after they ate it. No one could tell or if they could they were too nice to tell me. 

So now I am in this baking mood and turn into this bake-a-holic. I had three nasty looking bananas. All black on the outside but still delicious goodness on the inside. So for you people out there that know what nasty bananas are good for keep your mouths shut! Just kidding of course you were going to say banana bread. If you were thinking something else well sorry you were wrong. In the past I have made this delicious chocolate chip banana bread pictured below

And yes I am addicted to Instagram so get use to it! Anyway this bread is AMAZING! My husband's co-workers can't get enough of it. So I've decided to make it with my nasty looking bananas but this time instead of chocolate chips I used the mini Reece's Peanut Butter cups. And let me just say Yummm! So the picture I have isn't that great. Not even Instagram can save it. All the peanut butter cups went to the bottom so next time I think I will put them on top and let them sink as it bakes. I got this recipe off of the Hershy's website I split the batter between two small bread pans so I can give some away. If not I would sit my fat ass down on the couch and eat it all. Don't think I could....dare me. 

Well I hope you wonderful people have a great weekend. I will be eating my way up a jean size and then regreting Monday at the gym.

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