Friday, October 12, 2012

Why I Cannot Be a Stay at Home Wife

So it's been a whole three days since my last day working as an orthodontic assistant. Let me just say day time television is horrible! Between the constant reruns of The Real Housewives of every city in America and Jersey Shore I feel as if I am getting dumber by the minute. 


I don't understand how women without children can be stay at home wives and enjoy it. Once I have children of course my opinion will change. I will have   probably more work than I can handle. In the last few days I have found myself cleaning an already clean house and taking unnecessary naps. I have been watching too much mindless t.v and spending an unhealthy amount of time on the internet. I do go to the gym but me and the husband tend to do that together. 

So what to do to keep busy? Well next week I will be temping in a few offices and hopefully that will pick up. In the meantime I have decided to apply at Bath and Body Works. I just read that seasonal workers can get up to 50% off merchandise. Yes 50%!! Can you imagine how much money could be saved or on the other hand how much crap I could get!? I'm hoping they will look pass the fact that I am a little over qualified for the job and see what an awesome person I am. In all reality though I just want that discount! I also decided Starbucks might be fun just for the free coffee. I've never really had a fun part-time job. Don't get me wrong being in people mouths all day is fun and interesting, but until that end picks up why not have a little fun. Oh an did I forget to mention THE DISCOUNT! Anyways we will see what happens. Until then I will be watching The Craft (guilty pleasure) and many more movies on Netflix.


  1. I'm soooo happy you have a blog! Yay!! I think I would love being a stay at home wife. I've been trying to work that out for years. :)

    1. Thank you! I figured I have some extra time. Keep working at it! I would love it more if I didn't have ADD and a severe case of laziness.