Thursday, January 9, 2014

Oh Hey Third Trimester!

That's right people! A few months left and I'll be a mom. Talk about reality setting in. I officially stopped working and am now a housewife. Maybe I should call Bravo and see if they are thinking of filming in Austin. Who am I kidding I'm too awesome for that show. It feels pretty weird not waking up and going to work everyday. It also feels pretty amazing. I have so much time to get all of the housework done before I can't bend over anymore. Oh and I should probably finish that thing called a nursery before this kid makes his appearance.

28 weeks

I have a new obsession. It's called The Doctors. I'm sure you have heard of this show and for some reason I can't get enough. This week I learned you can be born without a vaginal canal and cannot have sex or babies, there is a rapping vegan and a lady that got super glued to a toilet and had to call 911. I mean if that's not quality t.v. then I don't know what is. 

I had my glucose test this week and well I failed. Actually, I didn't fail but I didn't pass with flying colors. My levels were boarder line so I have to do the wonderful three hour test. All I can say is FML....I have a hard time with getting my blood drawn due to my tiny baby veins. Now I have to have my blood drawn four times within three hours. So yeah FML. Oh and did I mention I can't eat after midnight or breakfast the next day.  That's like torture to a pregnant lady. Wish me luck! I better pass or else!

On a side note I'm watching Parks and Rec. Let me just say I see a little bit of myself in pregnant Anne. It's pretty comical to see her doing everything I do or have done. Rob finds it hilarious. He just looks at me and laughs. 

While putting away baby clothes I found the cutest outfit ever. I thought I would leave you with this little gem. I can thank my stylish sister for this one. 

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