Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ham, Sweet Potatoes and Finger Tips

So today is Easter. I hope you all had a great day eating, spending time with family or whatever you do. We decided to cook Easter dinner even thought it's just the two of us. We figured it would make enough food to eat all week for dinner. We were so right! We actually have enough food for two weeks. So if your hungry stop by. But really don't. That would be creepy. 

So we decided to make ham, mac and cheese, sweet potato casserole and cabbage. A few years ago we went to Ruth's Chris for Thanksgiving and had the best sweet potato casserole ever. I knew I had to have it. So I found a video of one of the cooks making it. I was so happy. If you haven't had this dish you need to! If you don't like sweets you probably wont like it since it tastes more like a dessert than a side. Here's the video with recipe
Rob made the mac and cheese and started the ham and cabbage. While he was cutting the cabbage I was watching tv when a hear a yell from the kitchen. I run in to see what happened. Well Rob cut off his finger tip and was bleeding everywhere. What a great way to say Happy Easter! It wasn't too bad but bad enough. Luckily we are prepared for things like this. I got him all bandaged up and gave him a pain pill. He's back to playing Minecraft and is now taking a nap. 

I finished up dinner and we began to feast! Even after the finger fiasco everything turned out pretty good. Rob was sad because his mac and cheese was runny but I thought it still was good. 

We still have a ton of ham and sides which is fine with me. That just means I don't have to cook dinner this week. I hope everyone had a great Easter! Next on my agenda is movies and dessert. 

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