Friday, March 22, 2013

Tomboy Chic

If you have been reading my blog you know that I have just recently starting wearing makeup. If you are new here yes I'm 27 and I just started wearing makeup. Don't judge. Anyways I thought I would give you a little update on how good I'm getting at this stuff. I have starting calling it "instant sleep". Why? Because no matter how long I sleep I look like I didn't sleep at all. Once I put on my "instant sleep" I look well rested.  So here is a before and after of me today. 


after makeup
Not too shabby eh?! 

So a few weeks ago I had a co-worker tell me I was the girliest person she knew. This was based on my knowledge of make up and hair styling tips (to which I thank the internet). I then explained to her that this was farthest from the truth. I went on to tell her how until middle school I was pretty much a boy. Today I feel I have progressed to womanhood but am still a tomboy. I have decided, starting today, that my look is called Tomboy Chic. You could also call me Geek Chic, I wouldn't disagree with you. I hate wearing heals and own 1 pair. I am starting to like dresses but still don't LOVE them. Jeans, t-shirt and flats are my "going out clothes". Any other day you will find me in workout clothes or yoga pants. On a side note, my trainer and friend have made me President of the Yoga Pants club at the gym. Yeah be jealous. So are  you asking yourself "Holli, what does Tomboy Chic look like?" Well here is an excellent example....

I guess I love flannel

The look on the right. 

Maybe we can make Tomboy Chic a thing. I didn't even Google it to see if it existed. Knowing my luck it does. What do you categorize your look as? Maybe we can start a new trend. 


  1. Holy cow your makeup skills are amazing!

    1. Thanks! I think I finally got a good system down.