Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Gym Rant

So as you know I am a bit of a gym rat. As of lately I've been going six days a week. It sounds like a lot but the results are worth it. Anyways, I hear lots of different conversations during my many hours at the gym. Yes I'm a women, therefore I eavesdrop. Oh and I also judge so beware. I would never make it at Planet Fitness. 

So Rob and I were over in the "stretching" area of the gym stretching after a workout. There were two girls stretching as well. This one girl starts complaining about how every time she moves a body parts falls out. Mind you this girl was wearing a low cut tank top and a pair of tiny shorts. Duh! Of course everything is going to fall out. Stupid girl. I learned my lesson about this once. It was when I started really lifting with free weights. I was wearing a v-neck tee and yoga pants. Well I bent over to do some deadlifts and HELLO there you could see right down my sports bra. Never again. Maybe she was trying to get attention or maybe she's just dumb. I would think she would put two and two together and think oh maybe I should actually wear clothes to the gym. Problem solved! Also she would of avoided getting the "REALLY?" look from me. 


Another wardrobe pet peeve of mine is sports bras. I am a large chested girl. The first time I tried to run it was very apparent how much that sucks. I learned that if I didn't want to end up with two black eyes I needed to 1. buy a really good sports bra or 2. wear two at one time. So it bugs the crap out of me to see girls running in tiny tank tops and their boobs are flopping all over the place. I know they probably think the guys think its hot, but they look down right stupid to me. Not to mention how painful it looks. 

So next time you go to the gym make sure your parts are covered and strapped in.

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