Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Goodbye Birchbox, Hello High End Makeup

So I'm stuck home sick today. I figure while I lay on the couch all day I might as well write a blog post. Since I have started my makeup journey I have dropped Birchbox and hopped on the Ipsy bag wagon. Thanks to my friend Michelle over at michellebellebright.blogspot.com she taught me about the Ipsy bag. Let me just say I am so happy I dumped Birchbox. I got tired of getting hairspray and granola bars. Ipsy is the same price and you get at least 2 full sized products and they are things I will use. 

I recently decided to spend a little more money and buy higher end makeup. No more drugstore makeup for this girl. The extra money is well worth it. My first big purchase was a new concealer for my ugly under eye circles. I have had the hardest time finding something that will cover them. Finally, I found Erase Paste by Benefit. It's amazing! The best part is a little goes a long way so you get your money's worth.  

Well as you all know I had a birthday recently. Well if you are part of Sephora's reward program you get a free birthday gift. What I got was awesome. It was a combo pack from wait for it....Benefit. My new favorite brand. I got a mascara which I've been wanting to try forever and a highlighter. The mascara is they're Real. It is the BEST mascara I've used so far. It makes my lashes look fake. 

Last but not least I got a new eye shadow pallet. I've been eyeballing the Naked pallet by Urban Decay but I didn't want to pay $50 for eye shadow. Especially since I only really liked half the colors. So I finally found the Natural Eye pallet by Too Faced. I love the colors and a little bonus is that I comes with guides on how to apply each color. Another little bonus is they gave a free sample of primer which I'm interested in.  Rob even complimented my makeup after I put it on. He said I didn't look like I was wearing makeup but that I was just refreshed.  That's all I need since without makeup I look like I never sleep. 

So if you have been thinking of taking the plunge to high end makeup, do it! It is so worth it. Take it from the cheapest person you will ever know. 


  1. Cool! I think you'll like Ipsy a lot better. I never had Birchbox but I saw lots of reviews on Youtube and it really didn't impress me at all. So many of the Ipsy stuff winds up in my makeup bag which is awesome. I might have to try that erase paste too, I have a Nars concealer that is ok but undereye circles suck! Does the erase paste settle into creases? That's my main issue with concealer. The eyeshadow palette looks awesome too. Nice colors!

    1. So far Ipsy is WAY better. I haven't had a problem with the erase paste settling into creases. The eyeshadow is awesome and half the price of the Naked pallet.