Saturday, November 29, 2014

8 Months

Can you believe it?! Eight freaking months old. The time is just flying by. We had our first Thanksgiving as a family. We had a few friends over for lunch since our family lives in Indiana. We learned that Henry loves turkey, but to be honest he loves everything. 
8 months

This kid is growing up. He crawls everywhere, all the time. I can't keep up. He is working on pulling himself up to stand. He will stand if you help him up but can't get all the way up alone. Talking is on a whole new level. He still loves to say mama and has said dada maybe a few times. He will say Da randomly though. He hardly shuts up and has learned to yell when he is mad instead of crying. 

Boxes > Toys

Look what I can do
We survived our second cold. I had read that teething caused a runny nose, so I thought that was why he had one. Then I got sick. I guess all of his cart licking finally caught up with him. Still no teeth but you can see the little buds. He is pretty hilarious and knows what faces makes us laugh. The dogs are his new favorite things. All they have to do is look in his direction and he cracks up. I seriously can't wait to see what the next month brings us. 

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