Saturday, November 1, 2014

7 Months

This Halloween our little guy turned 7 months. No we didn't got trick or treating. He doesn't need candy and to be honest neither do we. He has gone through serious growth spurt and out grew most of his pajamas and pants this month. 

Happy Halloween/7 months

This kid is on the move. He rolls all over the place and has figured out how to maneuver around the furniture. He recently has started to try his hand at crawling. He can get on his knees but falls when he tries to move. We are predicting he will be crawling by Thanksgiving. He is a pro at sitting up and butt scooting.  

Teething is in full force. So much drool everywhere. There are no teeth out yet but you can see them under his gums. He has started sitting in the cart which makes my life so much easier at the store. He has finally said his first word. Drumroll.....Mama! Everyone said it would be dada but he decided to go against the odds I guess. I think dada is coming soon since he has mastered baba. He loves every food we have given him so far. This week we are starting meat, so we will see how that goes. 

Baby Jail

We had to buy a baby gate to keep him from getting into everything. We like to call it baby jail. If we don't keep him contained he is like a hurricane. He destroys everything. Let's hope it will withstand him once crawling starts.

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