Tuesday, September 30, 2014

6 Months

Where did the time go? It does not feel like Henry should be six months, but he is. He is getting bigger and cuter everyday. He is still pretty small for his age but we expected that since we are both pretty small people. He is still, and will forever be, a ladies man. He loves flirting with all women no matter the age. 

Not only can he roll but he can roll both ways. So now when I put him in one place he rolls to his desired destination. He also has started to scoot on his butt. It's pretty entertaining to watch. He still isn't crawling but has started showing some interest. He would rather sit on the floor than lay down. He just started using more sounds while talking. Just last night he started putting together his ah,la, and ba sounds. So he's pretty much a genius. Look for his children's book set to release in a few months. 

His hair has curled up this month and is officially out of control.  I'm considering baby hair gel to keep it contained. Solids foods are happening. Avocado so far is the favorite. We start peas tonight. He had some mango and loved it as well. Seriously though who doesn't love mango. Dogs are fun now. Trying to make out with dogs is even more fun.  Just for fun I did a comparison of one month to six months. It's crazy how much he has changed.

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