Monday, June 30, 2014

3 Months

That's right people he's three months! He is pretty much the cutest thing around. He is smiling at everything and everyone. He talks non stop and has started mimicking sounds. He no longer hates tummy time and is working on rolling over. He loves being carried in his carrier so he can see what's going on. He also likes to lick his carrier along with everything else. My mom had bought him a Sophie teething toy that he loves to "make out" with. If you aren't careful he will lick your arm while holding him. 

Making out with Sophie

This kid can't stay still

Also my sister is visiting! We are so excited she is here. This is her first time meeting Henry and her first time in Texas. She has turned out to be Henry's favorite person. He loves to stare at her and smile. We are doing all the tourist things and loving it. We will be sad when she has to go back home.

Hanging out with Aunt Brittney

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